Our organization endeavors to grow and address racism in all forms in our work. We believe that racism is inexorably linked to the climate crisis because “it dictates who benefits from activities that produce planet-warming gases and who suffers most from the consequences,” as Gregory Jenkins, Penn State’s Professor of Atmospheric Science, and African Studies, puts it.

We best address environmental justice by working with organizations like Front & Centered and Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians who have led this fight for years — we honor the long and continuing history of the work they have done to address racism and demand justice for years. And we’re proud to have established a partnership with Washington Black Lives Matter Alliance, a statewide coalition led by Black leaders working for Black communities across the state of Washington, whose mandate from the people is: to protect and liberate Black Lives.

WEC and Washington BLM Alliance are combining our strengths, communities, and efforts toward passage of the The Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act (SB 5141). Passing the HEAL Act will move us one step closer to clean water, clean air, and healthy communities for all. Demand Senate Ways & Means Committee members vote yes on SB 5141.

SB 5141 would:

  • Define “environmental justice” in state law.
  • Recognize that all voices from the BIPOC community need to be included when agencies are considering environmental policies and impacts from pollution.
  • Ensure state agencies are coordinating and reaching out to our communities.
  • Build a database to look at pollution and identify which communities are most impacted so we can respond accordingly.

Thank you to the Washington BLM Alliance, and all of our partners, for working together to eliminate racism and ensure Washington’s environment is protected for all.