In the Puget Sound region, over 40% of climate pollution is from our transportation sector, with the biggest contributors being gasoline and diesel. And, pollution from transportation has only increased over the last decade. This is an unacceptable threat to our region and something we can address.

Climate emissions from gasoline and diesel aren’t just warming our planet. This pollution also has significant health impacts, impacting people living close to roadways with serious health problems like strokes and heart disease.

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, which encompasses Snohomish, King, Pierce, and Kitsap Counties, has proposed establishing a clean fuel standard that would tackle this issue at its source — reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuels by a whopping 25% by 2030. The draft rule on this standard is out now and the Agency’s Board of Directors need to hear from all of us that we support them taking this action.

A clean fuel standard works by setting a limit on greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels. This gives an advantage to cleaner fuels like electricity and biofuels, and incentivizes more access and infrastructure to these clean fuels for everyone.

This clean fuel standard takes on climate pollution here in the Puget Sound region, and sets an example for what can be done at the state level.

Please submit your comment today! By submitting a comment in support of the Agency’s draft clean fuel standard, you will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions right here at home. A clean fuel standard can also target investments in communities hurt the most by fossil fuels and provide protections for workers.

The elected officials on the Agency’s Board of Directors need to hear from you.

Together, we can make the future of the Puget Sound region safe, healthy, and resilient.

Read more about the Clean Fuel Standard here.