For years, the number of marbled murrelets in Washington has been plummeting due to logging of vital habitat. The Department of Natural Resources is responsible for creating a Long Term Conservation Strategy for the murrelet, and we need to speak up in support of science-based conservation strategies that will help its recovery.

The marbled murrelet is a small seabird that flies up to fifty miles inland to nest on the mossy branches of large trees. Listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, the marbled murrelet population in Washington has declined by over 40% in the last two decades, mainly due to habitat loss and fragmentation from timber harvests.

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Protecting coastal forests not only helps this species, it improves our air and water. Besides providing a home for murrelets and their young, older trees absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than younger trees, and improve the quality of water that runs through the forest.

By spreading the word about the perilous status of the marbled murrelet, we can galvanize support for stronger protections and increased conservation of important habitat in Western Washington that will truly improve the condition of this species.

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Together, we can improve the health of Washington’s forests for both our wildlife and our communities.