Once the Census is conducted, the count is used to determine how our political boundaries need to change. The way in which our political boundaries are drawn is another way that people’s voices and votes are marginalized. The process is also often done without much public participation or educational opportunities for people to understand how important redistricting is. We work to ensure that redistricting in Washington is fair, inclusive, and transparent. 

Ballot measures

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we endorse and take positions on ballot measures and get out the vote. 

  • Initiative 1631 (2018)
  • Sound Transit (2017)
  • Initiative 732 (2016)

Reducing barriers to run for office 

Washington state needs more elected officials who reflect their community’s demographics and values – but the barriers to running for office don’t make it easy. We work to provide support to those interested in running for office at all levels of government. We also are supporting efforts to change state, county, and local laws to make running for office accessible to everyone.


The Census is conducted only once every decade and the results are used to determine political representation and funding for community services and our most critical environmental and health programs for the entire country. It is critical that everyone is counted and communities can access these critical services. We were allied to the WA Census Alliance, which has now transitioned to the WA Community Alliance.