Here at WEC, much of our work focuses on ensuring that working forests–the forests in which timber is harvested–are managed sustainably and continue to provide numerous benefits for all of the residents of the Evergreen State. If we take care of our forests, they will take care of us.


Carbon & Natural Climate Solutions

Washington’s forests act as powerful carbon “sinks”, absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in trees and soil for decades.

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Community Forests

Community-owned working forests can deliver the triple-bottom line for communities, providing the unique social, ecological and economic benefits they need.

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wildfire in the wildland-urban-interface with mountains in the backdrop, forests dotting the mid and foreground, and houses.

Fostering Wildfire Resiliency

Learning to live with and manage increasingly frequent and severe wildfires in Washington is essential for healthy communities and ecosystems

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Healthy Habitat

The fish & wildlife that call Washington’s forests home are vital to the culture, biodiversity, and ecological health of the state.

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Sustaining Public Lands & Resources

Washington’s 2 million acres of state-managed forestlands clean our air and water, sequester carbon, and provide timber revenue, recreation opportunities, and critical habitat for some of our most vulnerable wildlife.

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Climate Smart Wood

The wood we build with and where it comes from, matters. A look at a wood product’s entire lifecycle, including how its forests of origin are managed and how it was processed, will more fully convey its carbon and environmental impacts.

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Holding Our Leaders Accountable

The Department of Natural Resources, led by the elected Commissioner of Public Lands, directly manages 2 million acres of public forestland and applies forest practices rules on privately-owned lands.

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Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference

WEC hosts the annual Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference on climate-smart forestry and carbon sequestration

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State of Our Forests & Public Lands report

We looked back on the Commissioner of Public Land’s past year in office to reflect on where progress has been made and where improvements are still needed.

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Explore our interactive Story Map

Learn about our forestry program through interactive maps, stories, and videos.

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Get to know the forest

Check out this interactive diagram to learn some basic forest ecology terms.

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