Washington Conservation Action’s Legislative Scorecard is a non-partisan tool that shows whether your state legislators voted for clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment for all. Since 1992, Washington Conservation Action has provided a biannual Legislative Scorecard, a trusted guide for voters of how state legislators acted on environmental and public health issues. We hope the Legislative Scorecard will help inform the public and legislative leadership as to the importance of these issues to the State of Washington. The Scorecard is a trusted resource for information on where legislators stood on important environmental priorities

How are legislators scored?

Each legislator receives a percentage based on a total of 100. On each bill, a legislator took either a pro-environment or an anti-environment vote. Each legislator receives one point for every pro-environment bill that they voted on, then that is divided by the total number of bills that were scored to get their percentage. Additionally, each current legislator has a Lifetime Score which accounts for their full time in office.

What can I do to show my legislators I’m proud or unhappy with their performance?

Next to your legislator’s name there is an email link contact them directly to share how you feel about their votes. Additionally, this election year all House seats and half of the Senate seats are up for election. Washingtonians have an opportunity to expand environmental leadership in the legislature, which will help strengthen the recovery of Puget Sound, ensure healthy forests, and accelerate the transition to clean and affordable energy.

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