Our Mission

To develop, advocate, and defend policies that ensure environmental progress and justice by centering and amplifying the voices of the most impacted communities.

At a Glance

  • 20+


  • 78

    Environmental bills passed

  • 987,000

    People mobilized to action

Strategic Plan Report 2016-2020

As an organization committed to societal change, these past five years have been a time of intense advocacy and deep reflection.

Strategic Framework Outline 2021-2025

Justice Internalized. Justice Realized.

How we work

The urgency of the challenges we face requires us to make progress faster and we are more powerful when we work together.

Organizational excellence

WEC has talented staff and abundant resources in order to achieve our goals.

Over 50 years of impact

By building partnerships and coalitions, mobilizing the public, and advocating effective and equitable policies, we have accomplished a lot together.