Until our region is able to fully transition to a clean energy economy that removes the demand for more fossil fuels, our community and our coalitions remain strong and focused to oppose the shifting efforts of the fossil fuel industry and not enable the build out of more facilities that tie us to dangerous fossil fuels. We do this work focused on protecting our health, safety, and climate and building power for the future

Our Goals

No new terminals

Stop new fossil fuel terminals in the Pacific Northwest

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Fortify and defend the region against fossil fuel threats

Protect health and safety of communities through state and local fossil fuel limits and safeguards

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Ensure safe transport of oil already traveling in our region

Hold fossil fuel industry accountable for risks of oil spills and explosions across our region

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Build power

Grow our people power to stand up to the fossil fuel industry

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Map of Terminals & Wins


Stand Up To Oil

Opposes new oil terminals and the increased oil transport through the Northwest, while working to improve safety measures for oil currently traveling through the region.

WEC has directed the Stand Up To Oil coalition since its founding in 2015 and provide leadership support and direction in the fight against oil in our region

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Power Past Fracked Gas

Opposes new fracked gas terminals and pipelines that lock our region into continued reliance on dirty energy.

In 2018, WEC worked with our partners to establish the Power Past Fracked Gas coalition and continues to be part of the leadership team to guide the coalition and play a role in the fights against Tacoma LNG and Kalama Methanol

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Power Past Coal

Works to stop new coal terminals off the Pacific Northwest Coast. WEC has helped to lead the Power Past Coal coalition since its founding in 2012 and has directed the coalition since 2018.

This coalition is winding down now that all terminals have been defeated; however, the lessons and power from this coalition continue to reverberate across the region and WEC is committed to continuing the legacy of the coalition forward

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power past fracked gas logo with crack in the ground and a plume rising above the fissure

Background on PSE’s proposed LNG facility

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