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Show your support for Washington’s environment with a gift. Whether it’s a small, first-time gift or a Green Giant gift, we value each and every one.

Make a monthly donation

Monthly gifts enable us to plan for resources over the course of the year, they’re more convenient for you, and they help save paper – an environmental win/win.

Honor someone

Give a gift in honor or memory of a loved one with a special donation in their name. Recipients or the loved ones will receive a hand-signed card acknowledging your gift, excluding the amount.

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Join our Green Giant program, receive insider updates and have a major impact for our environment and communities.

Stock Gifts

To transfer securities, contact your stock broker. Please include donor name on stock transfer. As always, consult your tax advisor about your personal tax benefits gained through gifts of appreciated stock.
Washington Conservation Action (501c4) Stock transfer info:
Grantee:  Washington Conservation Action
Grantee Broker: Fidelity
DTC Number: 0226
Account Number: 628-561900
Broker Contact: Emily Wood
Broker Phone: (206) 258-5095

Are you interested in Planned Giving?

Many of the Planned Gifts we receive (though by no means all) support Washington Conservation Action Education Fund’s endowment, which powers us to protect, restore, and sustain Washington’s environment now and for future generations. Learn more here