For 56 years, Washington Conservation Action has been driving positive change to solve
Washington’s most critical environmental challenges, focusing
its work to:

Protect land, air, and water

Strengthen democracy

Organize communities

Washington Conservation Action’s program areas are Climate and Clean Energy, Forestry, Puget Sound, and Democracy and Representation. Native expertise and upholding Tribal sovereignty are central to our shared success for a better future and a healthy environment

Native-led initiatives we support

Climate Commitment Act passed thanks to coalition of Tribes and organizations.

Native Vote campaign to increase Indigenous political power and engagement.

Working with Tribes Series for conservation groups on how to work with Tribal Nations.

The Tribal Nations program will deepen that support, ensuring that:

Tribal sovereignty and a Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) model are woven
throughout WCA culture and work

Foster greater cultural competency on why and how to work with Tribal Nations in the broader environmental community

WCA maintains deep, mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships with Tribes and Tribal leaders

WCA strives to co-create with the leadership of Tribes when taking on conservation issues

Current Program Priorities


We are investing in staffing to work with Tribes on sustainable forestry and wildfire mitigation policies

Climate Policy

Our advocacy is focused on energy siting and the implementation of Climate Commitment Act

Salmon & Puget
Sound Recovery

We support the leadership of Tribal
Nations to enforce clean water
standards, restore habitat, and
remove the Lower Snake River
Dams to recover salmon statewide.

Democracy &

We work to ensure increased
political power and engagement.

Jody Olney (she/hers)
Tribal Government Liaison
(206) 375-4333
1402 3rd Ave #1400, Seattle, WA 98101