WCA Endorses

2023 Candidate Spotlight

“I really appreciate Washington Conservation Action for being a source of early and enthusiastic support for me. As someone who cares deeply about environmental justice and conservation efforts, the work that WCA does aligns with my heart. Their work has not only educated and inspired me, it also has a large impact in creating healthy, clean communities for us all to thrive here in Tacoma and throughout our beautiful state.”

– Jamika Scott, WCA endorsed candidate elected in Nov. 2023

2024 Endorsements

Washington Conservation Action will release more endorsements for the 2024 elections soon. Stay tuned.


Bob Ferguson

Learn more about our endorsement of Attorney General Bob Ferguson here


Pierce County
Pierce County Executive: Ryan Mello


Coming soon


Coming Soon

2023 Endorsements


Clark County
Port of Vancouver Position 1: Don Orange

King County
King County Council Position 4: Jorge Baró n and Sarah Reyneveld*
King County Council Position 8: Teresa Mosqueda

Port of Seattle Position 2: Sam Cho
Port of Seattle Position 5: Fred Felleman

Pierce County
Port of Tacoma Position 5: Kristin Ang

Snohomish County
Snohomish County Executive: Dave Somers
Snohomish County Auditor: Cindy Gobel
Snohomish County Council District 2: Megan Dunn (D)

Thurston County
Port of Olympia District 4: Maggie Sanders

Whatcom County
Whatcom County Executive: Satpal Sidhu
Whatcom County District 5: Jackie Dexter
Whatcom County Council At-Large, Position B: Jon Scanlon


City Council Position 5: Janice Zahn

Mayor: Seth Fleetwood
City Council Position 3: Dan Hammill

City Council Position 2: Mason Thompson
City Council Position 4: Carston Curd
City Council Position 6: Amanda Dodd

Mayor: Mike Nelson
City Council Position 6: Susan Paine

City Council Position 1: Bryan Yambe

Gig Harbor
City Council Position 4: Mary Barber

City Council Position 6: Victoria Hunt

City Council Position 2: Kelli Curtis

City Council Position 2: Ramona Leber

City Council Position 2: Joe Colombo

Mayor: Angela Birney
City Council Position 3: Jessica Forsythe
City Council Position 5: Vanessa Kritzer
City Council Position 7: Osman Salahuddin

City Council Position 3: Sid Gupta
City Council Position 4: Kerry Bosworth
City Council Position 6: Pamela Stuart

City Council Position 1: Senayet Negusse
City Council Position 5: James Lovell

Mayor: Lisa Brown
City Council District 1, Position 1: Lindsey Shaw
City Council District 2, Position 1: Paul Dillon
City Council District 3, Position 1: Kitty Klitzke

City Council Position 3: Jamika Scott
City Council Position 7: Olgy Diaz
City Council Position 8: Kristina Walker

City Council Position 6: Sarah Fox and Leah Perkel*

*For three decades, Washington Conservation Action has worked to ensure our endorsement is a clear sign to voters that any candidate who has earned this designation will fight to ensure all people in Washington state have a healthy place to live, a strong economy, and a protected environment. We have a rigorous vetting process and don’t decide to endorse lightly, but in a handful of races there are two candidates who we feel have earned our support. In these races, both have shown they will work to live up to the values of Washington Conservation Action, our members, and our values. Voters would be served well by both of these candidates in these races.