• Climate & Clean Energy
  • Educating Voters
Thank you for your support of I-1631. The large, diverse coalition that came together in support of this equitable, effective climate policy represents a big step forward for building a more powerful climate action movement. We have changed the conversation, built a massive volunteer base, and are deeply committed to moving forward together. While the defeat of the initiative is painful, we are undeterred!

The strength of our historic coalition – tribal nations, communities of color, health professionals, environmental and clean energy advocates, labor unions, businesses, and faith leaders – clearly scared out-of-state oil companies. They needed to spend nearly $32 million to fight us with misinformation and shady tactics.

The faces of the Yes on 1631 campaign are the faces of the future: parents, young people, people of color, tribal leaders, along with many other long-time fighters for climate action. We are a ticking clock for the oil industry. They succeeded this time; they will not forever.

Movement building takes time, and while the urgency of the climate crisis takes our breath away, we know that building our movement is the only strategy that can overcome the power and greed of the fossil fuel industry. So that is what we have done. And that is what we will keep doing.

The Yes on 1631 campaign’s statement said it best, “the solution may change but our values and goals remain the same. We will continue to center the voices of those most impacted by pollution and work for a just transition for communities in our state so that everyone can share in a clean energy future.”

Look for more information from us very soon about how you can channel both your anger and your hope into advocacy for action in the 2019 legislative session. The landscape is looking more favorable there to fight climate change and to protect our state from pollution.

WEC and Washington Conservation Voters are so grateful for your partnership on this journey. The fight against fossil fuel corporations to build a cleaner world for our children and grandchildren is long and difficult. But together, we can get there.