• Educating Voters

Referendum 90 is a statewide ballot measure that will uphold the new Washington state law requiring all public schools to teach science based, age-appropriate, inclusive, comprehensive sexual health education to K-12 students. 

We support this referendum because human health and environmental health are connected. Science based education is an important component to foster human health and well-being, which in turn helps ensure healthy and safe communities that are better for our environment. Washington Environmental Council is grounded by the belief that we must follow what the science says. At its root Referendum 90 is about removing science based education from the state’s education curriculum. Whether it is about sexual health or climate change, teaching science in our classrooms is vital.

Voting Resources

Make sure you are registered to vote and your voting address is up to date by logging into your official voter portal. Remember, you can update your voter information online until October 26th or in person up until election day on November 3rd. 

  1. Read about the candidates and issues on your ballot and fill it out entirely using black ink. Every race matters!
  2. Put your ballot into the provided Security Pocket and sign the back of the envelope.
  3. Put your ballot in the mail (no stamp needed!) or find a dropbox location near you by logging into your voter portal and clicking Voting Centers. If you vote by mail, make sure your ballot is postmarked by Nov. 3rd (or earlier??).