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We have seen this before: The oil industry pulling out all the stops to slow progress on climate and make us pay for it.

And with so much recent news about extreme heat, droughts, and a worsening climate crisis because of fossil fuel pollution and emissions, now is not the time to slow our progress.

But you and I are not fooled, though.

Thanks to you, the state of Washington has started down a path of bold climate action. In last few years, we have:

  • Passed a historic law that makes polluters pay for their emissions. In the next two years, this will generate $2 billion for climate projects that help communities, preserve forests and protect public health.
  • Established a low carbon fuels program to reduce transportation pollution.
  • Made construction code changes that will begin to get gas, a major source of indoor air pollution, out of buildings.

This progress is essential if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate chaos. But it threatens Big Oil CEOs bank accounts. So cynical, greedy fossil fuel executives have started a disinformation campaign against climate progress. They’re lying, claiming that climate progress costs Washingtonians at the pump.

Hold the oil industry accountable for the damage they’re causing. Make sure our state continues its progress on climate.

It isn’t the oil industry that is suffering. Oil companies recorded their biggest profits in history during the first quarter of this year. Over the last century, oil companies have made trillions while passing the costs of their pollution to you and your family.

Big Oil CEOs want to distract us from the truth: Their disgusting price gouging takes more of your hard-earned money and threatens the planet.

Don’t let them continue to do this.

Add your name to stand against Big Oil’s greed and urge your lawmakers to hold them accountable.