• People for Puget Sound
It’s been more than a month since a catastrophic failure crippled the West Point sewage treatment plant in Magnolia.

Hundreds of millions of gallons of raw sewage and stormwater poured into Puget Sound while the plant was decimated by floodwaters and raw sewage.

And what’s nothing short of an environmental crisis continues as plant managers work to repair the damaged facility and get it back online.

“It’s a catastrophic failure. It’s been releasing raw wastewater into Puget Sound and that’s something we’ve been working decades to prevent. And so this is something that is clearly unprecedented,” said Mindy Roberts, Puget Sound Director for the Washington Environmental Council.

Roberts says it’ll be some time before we figure out the true environmental toll on the Sound.

“That can’t be determined until we understand how much volume has reached the Sound and until the plant comes back online we won’t know the extent of the damages,” Roberts said.