• People for Puget Sound
We applaud the Department of Natural Resources for working with the U.S. Navy to protect Hood Canal, and by extension, Puget Sound as a whole.  As we work to protect and restore Puget Sound to health, we have a powerful opportunity to choose a new path that merges environmental and economic health. These types of innovative solutions pave the way towards that future.

Today also marks the end of a decade-long battle over a proposed gravel mine and 1000 foot pier in Hood Canal. The Pit-to-Pier project would have shipped tons of gravel and sand each year on barges larger than a football field, right through the heart of one of the most pristine areas in Puget Sound.

Special thanks to Commissioner Peter Goldmark for his forward-looking stewardship of our aquatic lands. And a big round of thanks to John Fabian of the Hood Canal Coalition who has worked to keep Hood Canal healthy throughout this debate.