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Recognizing the need for action on urgent issues impacting communities across the state, the Environmental Priorities Coalition adopted four priorities for the 2018 Legislative Session and a first-ever Partnership Agenda to make progress towards a better future for Washington.

“We are vulnerable to the consequences of climate change and oil spills every day,” said Clifford Traisman, a member of the coalition representing Washington Environmental Council and Washington Conservation Voters. “Bold action is needed to prevent out of state oil companies from putting our state at risk from a catastrophic oil spill.”

In addition to action on climate and oil spill prevention, the coalition urges the legislature to find solutions for sustainable water management.

“Planning for development concurrently with available water resources is basic consumer protection,” said Bryce Yadon, coalition member and State Policy Director at Futurewise. “It prevents the loss of water for current homeowners and users.”

The coalition also prioritizes the need for the legislature to take action on toxic-free food packaging.

“The widespread use of toxic nonstick chemicals is a serious health and environmental issue that demands action,” said Laurie Valeriano, coalition member and Executive Director at Toxic Free Future. “These indestructible chemicals already pollute drinking water, our bodies, and even Puget Sound. Getting them out of food packaging and our food is a good first step.”

For the first time ever, the coalition has also adopted a Partnership Agenda to support the work being led by partners outside the coalition and that are important for environmental progress. The inaugural Partnership Agenda items are the WA Voting Rights Act (HB 1800, SB 6002), Preventable Pesticide Drift Exposure (HB 1564), Solar Fairness Act (SB 6081), and Presumptive Disease for Firefighters.

With new leadership in the legislature, 2018 presents an important opportunity to pass effective environmental policy in a variety of vital areas. Despite a short session the Environmental Priorities Coalition is excited about what Washington can accomplish this year.

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Act on Climate: Brittany Gallagher. 262-812-3085. brittany.gallagher@tnc.org
Sustainable Water Management. Bryce Yadon. 204-343-0681 x123. bryce@futurewise.org
Action for Toxic-Free Food Packaging. Ivy Sager-Rosenthal. 206-632-1545 x113. ivy@toxicfreefuture.org
Oil Spill Prevention Act. Nick Abraham. 425-761-9368. nick@wcvoters.org