A recent landslide on state lands is a case study illustrating the need for Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to take a precautionary approach in the face of risk, and to balance timber revenue and public benefit.

Just months after a stand of trees on steep slopes in Cowlitz County was logged on DNR land, two landslides caused extensive damage to fish-bearing streams, a public campground, and some of the last remaining old growth in Cowlitz County. DNR could have chosen not log the 22 acres where the landslide risk was greatest and decreased the sale to 226 acres. However, DNR is in the early stage of developing the next 10-year Sustainable Harvest Calculation and we have an opportunity to evolve this process to support better planning, considering climate change, and supporting public values.

Use the link above to send the Board of Natural Resources an email urging the DNR to change how they manage forests on unstable slopes!