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We are excited to share a new, open-source resource with our community: a photo bank of rain gardens, green infrastructure, and the neighbors who enjoy them!

Washington Environmental Council has been partnering with Resource Media on the Visualizing Sustainable Cities image testing project, funded by the Bullitt Foundation. The goal of this project is to improve the quality and effectiveness of creative materials available for green infrastructure messaging, including the diversification of people and neighborhoods associated with green stormwater infrastructure. We conducted community photo shoots at green infrastructure sites throughout South Seattle, and we are thrilled to be able to share these images with you!

See the images here >

We invite you treat this album as a free resource for your stormwater communications, which you can pull from as you see fit in your work. As we discovered during the research phase of Visualizing Sustainable Cities, high-quality, diverse images depicting real people interacting with green infrastructure are effective tools for modernizing and broadening stormwater messaging. We are excited to use these images to update our own communications, and we hope that they are helpful to you as well.

See the images here >

Some logistical notes: This is an open source image bank. WEC and Resource Media hold the releases for the photo subjects for these photos. As long as photos are used for non-commercial purposes, and within the missions and issue areas of Resource Media and WEC (GSI, environmental education, water quality, environmental protection, etc.), groups, entities and agencies such as yourself are free to use them. Commercial purposes (including ads promoting your goods and/or services) are prohibited.

When citing credit for these photos, please use “Marcela Gara, Resource Media.” If your piece has any room for more acknowledgements, it would be great to acknowledge WEC, Resource Media and Bullitt Foundation for their contributions in making this image bank possible.

If you are interested in hearing more from Resource Media and WEC on this project, please email sian@resource-media.org or sydney@waconservationaction.org, and look out for a blog post with all the details at Resource Media’s blog here.