• Educating Voters
  • Lobby & Advocacy
Fifty years ago, WEC formed to unite the voices of concerned Washingtonians and since then we have made big strides in protecting the places we live, work, and play from environmental harm.

In order to achieve our mission, we need to ensure there is funding to support the policies and programs that protect and sustain our environment. State environmental programs are a small portion of the state budget but they provide benefits to urban and rural communities across Washington, from community forests to green infrastructure.

In the next couple of months, state legislators will adopt a new biennial budget. In doing so, they are making decisions on budget investments including public education, housing, healthcare, and protections for a healthy environment.

The threat of federal budget cuts to critical needs like climate change research, pollution reduction programs, and Puget Sound recovery create an even greater need to adequately fund these programs in the new state budget.

A good budget that sets the right priorities is worth fighting for. With our legislative expertise and mobilization of activists statewide calling their elected officials, we’re doing all we can to ensure state leaders support healthy levels of spending for clean air, clean water, and clean energy. Our priorities include:

  • Reducing the largest source of water pollution: toxic runoff from our roads and infrastructure
  • Cleaning up toxic sites for redevelopment
  • Investing in healthy forests
  • Funding clean energy and weatherization projects

Thanks to your phone calls and emails to legislators, we’re ensuring that our leaders invest in a healthy environment as an essential piece of the final budget deal.