• Climate & Clean Energy
On a warm Wednesday in October, workers, immigrants, members of communities of color, activists and other everyday folks came together to march for climate justice.

As part of a National Day of Action to build momentum towards the UN climate talks in Paris this December, Seattle’s march sent a message to Paris, making it clear that climate change impacts low-income and communities of color disproportionately – and a just transition away from fossil fuels means making sure that no one gets left behind.

People from across the city and state filled out climate ribbons with one thing they hope not to lose to climate chaos, which will be sent to Paris for the UN talks. We also heard from local voices such as Caelin Hickey, a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Local 77, and from nationally-recognized voices such as Naomi Klein, who helped amplify our message that climate change is a justice, equity, and people’s issue.

It was clear from the beginning that we all wanted this march to be about people. As we held our placards that said “Our Work, Our Lives, Our Future” and marched in a crowd of over a thousand people, I felt that really was true.