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The Marbled Murrelet is unique among endangered species–it’s vulnerable at sea and on land, from oil spills to logging to general human disruption. It’s a bird that is at the center of a lot of discussions between state and government agencies, and a number of environmental non-profits. The Murrelet Podcast is an attempt to delve into these issues, get to know activists and experts, and share what makes the murrelet so special!

Ep. 1: Maria Ruth on Marbled Murrelets

The first episode features an interview with Maria Ruth, author of “Rare Bird.” Learn more about the natural history of the marbled murrelet.

Ep. 2: Interview with Kara Whittaker

What is the “Conservation Alternative” and why is it needed? Allow Dr. Kara Whittaker of the Washington Forest Law Center to get you up to speed on all the science of murrelet conservation.

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Want to learn more about what you can do to help protect the marbled murrelet? Click here!