November 1st, 2023 (1-5pm PST)

Session I: Small Forest Landowners, Carbon Markets and Carbon Offsets

  • Richard Pine & Debra Pine, O’Neill Pine Company
  • Title: Forest Carbon Works & Small Forest Landowner Experiences in the Carbon Market.
    • Sandy Letzing, Forest Carbon Works; & David Bugni, Small Forest Landowner 
  • Title: Carbon Markets for Forest Management: State of the Market
    • Julius Pasay & Jeremy Koslowski, The Climate Trust 

November 8th, 2023 (1-5pm PST)

Session II: Forest & Carbon Science for management in the Pacific Northwest 

  • Max Wright, Conservation International 
  • Title: Increasing carbon storage in the working forests of Canada and the United States
    • Amy Clark Eagle, Forest Stewardship Council US 
  • Title: Assessing a Community’s Greenhouse Gas Impact from Forests & Trees using the LEARN tool
    • Cindy Jayne, Jefferson County Climate Action Committee; & Catharine Copass, Olympic Forest Coalition 
  • Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz, Department of Natural Resources 

November 15th, 2023 (1-5pm PST)

Session III: Climate Smart Wood and Supply Chains 

  • Aaron Everett, Climate Smart Wood Group; Micah Stanovsky, Sustainable Northwest; Seth Zuckerman, Northwest Natural Resource Group; Brent Davies, Vibrant Planet Data Commons 
  • Steve Rigdon, Yakama Forest Products; Ryan Sanchey, Yakama Nation; & Brad Rodakowski, Prime Forest Products 
  • Carbon Reduction Strategy, Microsoft 
  • Title: Driving Action on Embodied Carbon in Buildings
    • Wes Sullens, U.S. Green Building Council