Adopting Modern Stormwater Practices

WEC engages in collaborative stakeholder processes to establish and maintain strong regulatory tools that require local governments to prioritize green stormwater infrastructure.

We partner with local governments and hold them accountable to support their compliance with regulatory requirements.

Nature’s Scorecard

Nature Scorecard ranks cities and counties on combating Puget Sound’s largest source of water pollution: toxic stormwater runoff. All large cities and counties were required to update their development codes and regulations in 2016 to make low-impact development the preferred and commonly used approach. Low-impact development (LID) code updates signal to us whether a city or county is planning for walkable, green, and healthy communities.

Ride Transit, Be an #orcahero

In celebration of Ride Transit Month and Orca Month, Transportation Choices Coalition and Washington Environmental Council have teamed up to produce a comic about stormwater, orcas, and transit. Read the comic!

Orcas Love Raingardens

Together with local government, public services and NGOs, we work with Tacoma Public Schools to install and maintain raingardens and educate students about green infrastructure and stormwater. Our shared vision is that every student in Tacoma Public Schools has access to a raingarden by 2030.


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