Since 1967, WEC has worked to improve the environmental health of our state. While our tactics have evolved over time, our core values have remained constant: belief in the power of partnerships, commitment to leadership, and a willingness to learn and change.

Racial Equity & Environmental Justice

As a historically white-led environmental organization that still holds structural power today, WEC is committed to dismantling systemic racism and advancing racial equity and environmental justice in all we do.

Civic Engagement

We build power for the environmental movement through our community organizing, mobilizing people to speak up on issues that matter to them, connect them to their decision makers, as well as attend hearings and other civic engagement opportunities.

We also work to educate and train civic activists, and support youth-led activists. By working in strategic geographic areas, we use these tactics to push forward our programmatic works.

Get Involved

Coalitions & Partnerships

WEC started as a council of community groups that each wanted to protect the place they called home. We found strength in collaboration and partnership, overcoming barriers together we couldn’t have separately. Collaboration, convening, and partnership is in WEC’s DNA.

Today we work to expand and evolve the way we partner and develop coalitions with a range of partners – business, labor, Tribes, communities of color, and more – and center the solutions on those communities most impacted.


WEC uses strategic litigation to ensure environmental laws and rules are implemented and enforced.

Lobby & Advocacy

We work with elected leaders at all levels of government to provide trusted expertise and tools to help make smart decisions on important environmental issues and environmental justice.