About Me

Adri Hennessey’s biggest dream since she was a senior in high school has been to work in the environmental field. In pursuit of this dream, she received a BS in Environmental Science from Seattle University. Following graduation, she became interested in nonprofit work and joined CascadiaNow! as their Communications Intern. She then went on to become an official staff member, managing their online store for several years before becoming CascadiaNow!’s Operations Director in 2019. Through this role, she built a skillset in fiscal sponsorship and grassroots administration, development, and management. During this time she also received a Master’s in Public Administration from the Evan’s school at the University of Washington, where she focused her coursework on environmental policy and nonprofit management. But Adri’s passion for the environment doesn’t end with her career pursuits – she also considers it a pillar to living her life. She enjoys riding her bike everywhere she can, eating plant-based foods, and is always trying to figure out new ways to lessen her negative impact on the natural world. Adri is also a Whiskey-enthusiast, animal rescue advocate (she has three rescue animals of her own!), and loves nothing more than adventuring with her partner Adam and their two dogs, Odin and Ember.

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