About Me

Heather Millar (she/her) grew up in San Francisco, hiking, skiing, backpacking, camping and canoeing in the redwoods and the Sierras. She joins WEC/WCV after three decades as an independent journalist covering science and the environment for publications like Orion, Smithsonian, The Atlantic Monthly, Environment Yale 360 and Sierra. She’s had many adventures as a reporter: spending the night with tree-sitters in an old growth Douglas fir forest, tramping through Panama’s cloud forests looking for endangered frogs, following crews eradicating invasive species in the Grand Canyon. She’s excited to begin a new adventure fighting for the environment in the Pacific Northwest. She graduated from Stanford University with a double degree in history and Asian languages and lived in Beijing and Hong Kong for two years. She now lives in Seattle with her daughter, a golden retriever, and a spoiled tabby cat who must have been a pirate in a previous life. She loves giving dinner parties, fussing in her garden, skiing, hiking, and cycling. She started playing piano several years ago and should be much better at it by now.

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