Will has been involved with environment and natural resource issues throughout his career. He spent a decade plus in Washington D.C in a variety of roles. Legislatively, he served as staff counsel for the Senate Indian Affairs Committee and as chief counsel for the House House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, covering civilian ocean and coastal affairs, fish and wildlife and selected environmental laws and coast guard/maritime matters. He switch to the Executive branch to work as a special assistant to Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt to craft the Northwest Forest Plan, and then moved to the White House to referee interdepartmental natural resource issues. Will then moved to the Puget Sound region in the mid 1990s and served two tours of duty as Regional Administrator of NOAA Fisheries under the Clinton and Obama administrations, first for the northwest region and then for a reconfigured west coast region. In this role, he was the chief architect of the Federal salmon recovery program under the ESA, and deeply immersed in shaping the four salmon program “H’s” of habitat, hatcheries, harvest and hydropower reforms spanning the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California. Will led Federal negotiations on California water operations affecting the major salmon watersheds throughout years of difficult drought. He also co-chaired the Federal Puget Sound Caucus and was deeply immersed in Tribal affairs. Will spends his spare time with his wife Claudia working their old homestead on the north shore of Penn Cove, Whidbey Island. They have four big boys.