• Climate & Clean Energy
Washington Environmental Council has been hard at work with our partners in the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy for nearly two years conducting listening tours, engaging with people impacted by climate pollution, organizing with community partners, and learning from leaders.

These efforts have culminated in a policy with input and support from a wide variety of stakeholders – representatives of communities of color and people with lower incomes, labor, environmental groups, faith communities,businesses, health professionals, advocates for women and families, and many more.  We have applied our collective experiences, committed to our shared values, and built on existing policies to create what we believe is the most effective and equitable carbon reduction policy to date for accelerating the transition to a clean energy economy.

Our policy will:

  • Drive significant investment in clean energy, healthy forests, and water infrastructure to reduce climate pollution more quickly and address the impacts of climate change in Washington.
  • Fund these investments with a tax on climate pollution, with the price linked to how well we are on track to meet our state emissions limits. These limits will be based on best available science in order to contribute to achieving a healthy, stable climate.
  • Bolster economic stability and equity in the transition to clean energy.

Read about the policy here.


We are excited to share it with you – and to ask you to join us to help us get this policy passed at the earliest opportunity, starting with advocating for it in the 2017 legislature. Read a summary here. Sign up to get our emails to stay in touch with how you can stay engaged!