• People for Puget Sound
“Right now, the rules around water pollution and fish consumption in our state are weak and allow polluters to expose people to unacceptable risks. In order to protect people’s health and livelihoods, the rules need to be stronger, particularly for Tribes and other communities where eating salmon is an essential part of life.

Part of his previously proposed package of updates, Governor Inslee’s legislation (E2SHB 1472) to phase out toxic chemicals before they enter our waters was a smart step in the right direction. Despite bipartisan support in the House, polluters and big business interests blocked the bill in the Senate.

Washington cannot afford to wait. After many years of process, we need a strong rule now to protect people’s health.

Washington Environmental Council is committed to working with all levels of government – federal, state, tribal, and local – to move quickly and adopt a strong rule that protects our health and Puget Sound.”

Joan Crooks, CEO