• Environmental Priorities Coalition
Committee passes climate-pollution pricing bill

Olympia, WA – The Senate Energy, Environment & Technology Committee voted to approve SSB 6203: Reducing carbon pollution by investing in rural economic development and a clean energy economy.

We know we have a shared home to take care of here in Washington. Today’s noteworthy action reflects building momentum from a diverse set of voices pushing for action on climate change in Washington. The Environmental Priorities Coalition applauds the leadership of Senators Carlyle and Palumbo and other legislators who voted for the bill for their hard work to protect our families’ health, livelihoods, and environment. By pricing pollution and investing the revenues in Washington’s clean energy economy and natural resources, we can reduce harmful pollution, create jobs, and make our state more resilient in the face of climate change.

We look forward to working with legislators to improve and strengthen the bill as it continues to move forward in the Senate. By building on SSB 6203, we can create an effective and equitable climate policy that prioritizes investment into the most vulnerable communities affected by climate change and do the needed work to accelerate clean energy solutions.

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