• People for Puget Sound
In five generations, Taylor Shellfish Farms has grown to become the largest producer of farmed shellfish in the United States with 11,000 acres of tidelands along the Washington coast and British Columbia. Taylor understands that consistently producing the most delicious shellfish requires a long-term commitment to people, place, and the environment. A clean and healthy environment produces better shellfish; a toxic environment could put them out of business.

That’s why they are committed to supporting the work of others who protect and restore the Sound’s watersheds, habitat, and communities. Whether they’re supporting research to lead the entire industry to understand and adapt to ocean acidification or supporting the work of WEC’s Puget Sound program, Taylor Shellfish Farms is an excellent example of a Washington business who shares WEC’s commitment to clean water and a healthy Puget Sound.

Taylor Shellfish Farms has a history in Puget Sound’s waters that spans a century so it’s fitting that they have chosen to support our work to protect the Sound for generations to come.