• People for Puget Sound
Yesterday afternoon, Federal District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez granted plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment, enjoining any further construction of a dock facility in the Maury Island Aquatic Reserve.

Plaintiff Washington Environmental Council (WEC) has been involved in efforts to protect the reserve since it was first established.  In response to the ruling, WEC’s Policy Director Mo McBroom said:

“Puget Sound is an intrinsic part of Washington’s natural heritage, and a foundation of our state’s economy. This ruling is great news for Maury Island, great news for our state’s aquatic reserves and great news for Puget Sound. But more fundamentally, it signals a new and better approach to how we grow and prosper. A healthy Puget Sound generates over $61 billion a year to our state’s economy. We can’t afford to let short sighted development threaten this valuable resource.

This ruling upholds our state’s values.  It’s not about protecting someone’s backyard – it’s about making smart decisions that allow our state to grow and prosper far into the future.”