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In late August, Washington Environmental Council (WEC) received a request from WEC staff to voluntarily recognize their union, Evergreen Workers Union (EWU). Today, WEC has officially voluntarily recognized their union and will begin work with EWU on next steps in the process.

This statement is attributed to Alyssa Macy, CEO, Washington Environmental Council:

The climate crisis impacts all parts of our work at Washington Environmental Council, from salmon recovery, sustainable forests and the climate, to the health of people and communities.

In fact, our progress starts with people — our talented staff, dedicated board members, generous donors, passionate members, energetic volunteers, and the many broad-based coalitions of which we have been a part. 

This is why, today, Washington Environmental Council has chosen to voluntarily recognize the Evergreen Workers Union and respect our employees’ choice to join a union.

WEC is a proud, long-time partner of labor unions in our state because the labor movement has been central to major advancements in the protection of people and the environment. 

Washington Environmental Council is dedicated to building a truly people-powered movement that brings people together across multiple identities, forges lasting partnerships to strengthen Washington’s environmental movement and honors community leadership.

As a leader on many of the state’s major environmental policy wins over the past 50 years, WEC is proud to work with Evergreen Workers Union to build an even stronger environmental movement and continue to successfully tackle Washington’s most pressing environmental issues for generations to come.