• Climate & Clean Energy
Becky Kelley, President, Washington Environmental Council:

“Climate action is fundamentally a matter of fairness. Washingtonians do their best to do right by our state and are now it’s time for polluters to show the same level of responsibility.  By acting as part of the Pacific Coast Collaborative, Washington joins a group that represents the equivalent of the 5th largest economy in the world taking action on climate change. We have a chance to really spark action and shape the way others react to climate change. That’s the kind of leadership that will help us establish a healthier and more just future for our state.”

Jessica Finn Coven, Washington State Director, Climate Solutions:

“The impacts of climate change are fundamentally unequal; low-income communities and communities of color are already experiencing the devastating effects of air pollution and global warming. But solutions to global warming can strengthen Washington communities and our economy. Washington alone has led the world on airplanes, software, coffee, and more and can now lead again on innovation and solving the greatest challenge of our time.”

Shannon Murphy, President, Washington Conservation Voters:

“We look forward to working with the Governor and legislature to put Washingtonians’ values and health ahead of polluter profits.  Washington voters have consistently shown support for climate action and it’s time to act.”

Bill Arthur, Deputy Western Beyond Coal Campaign Director, Sierra Club:

“Washington is fortunate to have a governor who listens to the people and local communities already paying the price for global warming and who is committed to strong climate action.  We encourage Governor Inslee and other state leaders to continue their call for Puget Sound Energy, Avista and Pacific Power Utilities to transition off coal-generated electricity and replace it with clean wind, solar and energy efficiency solutions.  This complements the governor’s proposal to hold carbon polluters accountable and will create more family wage jobs and support the vision of investing in renewable energy now.”