• Climate & Clean Energy
Do you remember the day in March 2011 when former Governor Christine Gregoire signed the historic agreement to phase out the last coal-fired power plant in Washington? I do. That day was an important stepping stone in our quest to move our state beyond dirty fossil fuels of the past and into our clean energy future.

What I couldn’t have predicted then was that in the years since, our state would be locked in a pitched battle to prevent coal companies from turning Washington into a fossil fuel highway. But thanks to you – and people across the Northwest coming together – we have made huge progress. Of the six originally proposed coal export terminals in the Pacific Northwest, five have been defeated or abandoned because of pressure from people across the region who care about keeping their communities free from polluting coal trains and terminals. The only coal proposal remaining – the Millennium Bulk Terminal in Longview – is on its last legs.

Saying no to fossil fuels doesn’t stop with the coal plants and terminals. It also requires rethinking how our state and nation does business. In the past few months, we’ve worked with partners to amplify voices against the giveaway of coal on federal land, helped to ensure that Whatcom County’s door is closed to fossil fuel projects in the future, and connected local elected officials to others who want to protect their community from fossil fuel trains. People like you have attended a city council meeting to pass resolutions, submitted public comments, and written letters to the editor.

Your time and energy to say no to coal – and to oil! – is ensuring Washington transitions to our clean energy future. Whether it’s phone banking, donating, attending a rally, or signing a petition, YOU are powering these successes. Thank you!