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SEATTLE, WA – Washington Conservation Action (WCA) and Evergreen Workers Union (EWU) finalized contract negotiations and signed a two-year agreement.

EWU workers successfully voted to unionize in August 2021. WCA leadership voluntarily recognized the union and began work with Evergreen Workers Union, represented by Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 7800, on its first Collective Bargaining Agreement. The agreement was ratified October 11, 2023.

The following statement can be attributed to Alyssa Macy, CEO of Washington Conservation Action:

“Our contract recognizes the important work that our valued WCA staff members do every day to conserve and protect healthy air, water, land, and forests and a thriving democracy for all people who call Washington their home. WCA is also proud to be the first unionized organization to offer an article that upholds tribal sovereignty and consultation in the contract. 

“Washington Conservation Action is a proud, long-term partner of labor unions in Washington state. Unions make our world better and the labor movement has been central to major advancements in both the protection of worker’s rights and towards environmental progress. We are proud to work with Evergreen Workers Union to build an even stronger and more sustainable environmental movement and continue to successfully protect people and nature as one in our beloved Washington state.”

The following statement can be attributed to Evergreen Workers Union:

“This is an exciting step forward, not only for us, but for Washington’s environmental, labor,  and progressive movement as a whole. By coming together in solidarity, we are organized to fight for a more just, equitable, and sustainable future.”

“We are glad to conclude the bargaining process and look forward to our contract advancing the organization’s commitment towards fairness, diversity, transparency, and a livable planet. The collective bargaining agreement is significant in its institution of policies that further promote justice, equity and inclusion not just within Washington Conservation Action, but also the labor movement at-large. EWU members are pleased that the agreement includes improved benefits and compensation for all union-represented staff in addition to measures related to: 

  • Upholding tribal sovereignty
  • Reproductive and gender care
  • Supporting staff who are immigrants
  • The annual holiday schedule


Washington Conservation Action cares deeply about the land, air, water, and communities that sustain us as well as fairness in our political and democratic system. We advocate for environmental progress and justice through actions that mobilize the public, elect champions for the environment, and hold our leaders accountable. Learn more at waconservationaction.org.

Contact: Zachary Pullin, Washington Conservation Action, 206-639-3760, zachary@waconservationaction.org

Evergreen Workers Union, which represents Washington Conservation Action staff, are committed to making WCA a sustainable and healthy workplace in order to be effective agents of change. EWU recognizes that collective worker power through a union is essential to achieve WCA’s organizational missions and visions.

Contact: Evergreen Workers Union, evergreenworkersunion@gmail.com


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