The climate crisis requires us to find new ways forward in forest stewardship. The Pacific Northwest’s forests can be powerful tools for carbon storage, ecosystem services, community resilience, and environmental justice.

We aim to encourage management that looks beyond a single objective, and recognizes the complexity and interconnectedness of forest ecosystems and our relationships with them. As the climate crisis intensifies, we continue to explore and support both innovative and traditional approaches to ecological forestry, learning from the lived experiences of all of Washington’s communities.

We look forward to welcoming partners, stakeholders, companies, and organizations from across the forest sector: non-profit organizations; state agencies; landowners; policymakers; Tribal governments; and the architecture, engineering, and construction community.

The registration fee supports our speakers with a small honorarium and covers the cost of the venue. We acknowledge that not everyone is able to pay a fee, and will offer a limited number of complimentary tickets. If this applies to you, please email before registering for accommodation.

Since time immemorial, Indigenous peoples have been the stewards and caretakers of the lands that we live and work on. Learn whose homelands you are on, here: